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Anzac meaning simple

Billy Bragg got war right in his song Everywhere.
“Over here, over there, it’s the same everywhere
A boy cries out for his mama before he dies for his cause.”
The common human experience. What unites us is greater than what divides us.
That is why I attend Anzac Day. That is why I bundle my kids off to the dawn service, dragging the warm quilts off groaning teenagers at 5am on a cold autumnal public holiday.
We stand at our little town’s cenotaph, freezing our bits off in a park next to the public swimming pool, near the BBQ area and swings where we had many kids’ birthday parties in their younger days.
The RSL representative plays a scratchy recording of The Last Post as a small group with foggy breath hunches against the cold in front of the list of surnames whose families still make up the town. The kids pick out the surnames of their school friends.
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