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Malcolm’s moment: a dip into authenticity


Authenticity is an increasingly rare commodity in politics.

The ennui experienced by Australians at the state of politics is largely due to a drought in authenticity.

We crawl over dry, stony, barren ground of political debate, hoping to discover a deeper pool of meaning, which could provide a glimpse of the real McCoy.

It happens from time to time and you know the moment because it stops you in your tracks.

When you get that connection, it is just so refreshing because it restores your faith in those in public life.

The lack of popularity suffered by Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott is a case in point.

Is their public face the same one that I would see if I sat down with them in their favourite chair, having kicked off their shoes at the end of the office day?

Australians say no. We can’t relate. We are not sure.

And yet hands up who didn’t think we were seeing the real John Howard in all his stable suburban glory, or the real Paul Keating in all his crazy brave policy panache, or even the real Bob Hawke, in his egocentric common man backslapping? Something has changed.

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